Andromeda This software is still actively developed to aide Desktop Support Analysts in day-to-day activities. Originally built to aide my teammates and myself in tasks that needed automation. The project is open source and available to all. | Windows | | Source |


Star Speeder is the first game I made. This included utilizing Unity3D engine, C#, Visual Studio 2010, G.I.M.P. and various free resources for art and audio assets. This game was submitted to March #1Gam | Web |


Virtual Sniper Trials is my Ludum Dare #28 compo (48 hour) entry. The theme for LD#28 was “You Only Get One”. In this game, you complete a “trial” (wave) by successfully hitting your target. The target, in this case, was a red capsule. There are enemy “snipers”, which are the gray cylinders. You have 3 seconds (for the sake of balance, 1 second was too short) to hit your target if you are in their line-of-sight. They do have 100% accuracy, and you will lose if you are shot (you only get one life). You have one shot, and if you miss, you fail. You literally have to make every shot count! | Web | Windows | OSX | Linux | Source |


Ludum Traders is my Ludum Dare #31 jam (72 hour) entry. The theme for LD#31 was “Entire Game On One Screen”. In this game, you are a budding space trading entrepreneur. I made a post outlining how the Jam went, and the Right/Wrong/Lessons breakdown of the game and event. It is a solid idea, but just not enough execution behind it. It was missing some major features to make it really work and really fun. This is the Ludum Dare version. A more fleshed out version is in the works! | Windows | Source |


Star Traders is my Ludum Dare #31 jam game with continued development. I spent what free time I had throughout the rest of December 2014 working on expanding and making the game more complete. I planned more features, but still wanted to hit my deadline of December 31st, so features were cut. However, a lot of work and passion was put into making it the best I could, along with fleshing out my understanding as far as I could take it in only 14 days of free time. I’m proud of my work on this project, and looking forward to another project, carrying forth what I learned during this project. | Windows |


Rogue Frontier Prototype – This project was a city-builder/management style game born from ideas based on Gnomoria, Dwarf Fortress, Rimworld, and others. I began rewriting it from scratch but realized I had over-scoped the project, and decided to postpone it for the time being. | Windows |


LD33: Boss Fight Simulator 2015 – This was my Ludum Dare 33 Jam (72 hour) entry. Artuir did the music and voice sound effects. While the game balance wasn’t very good, I felt the concept of the game was there. I built this using a personal framework I’d started putting together a few weeks prior to LD33.
| Windows |


“Boss Fight Simulator 2015” – This is the updated version my Ludum Dare 33 Jam (72 hour) entry. I attempted to fix some of the balance issues during the next 2 weeks following the jam, and made some changes to make gameplay easier. I completely re-wrote the animation system and added in particle effects to make it easier to see when either enemies or the player were hit. The way damage was dealt was also altered, and the game felt a little bit more done afterwards.
| Windows |


// Tinkering/Learning/Challenges

Directed Acyclic Graph – Experimented with console applications/commands and creating a node DAG.
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