Looking at April #1GAM and Beyond

So, I’ve completed my first ever project, Star Speeder! I’m incredibly proud of this, and may return to it one day to expand on it. However, it is time to move on to the next project, and start considering what I’m going to do for April #1GAM.

I’ve decided, initially, on a sort-of ARPG. I’m currently reusing some of my art assets from Star Speeder while I fiddle. But, here is what I’ve decided on so far:
1) Camera operates at a 65 degree angle. This isn’t isometric, nor is it top-down. It does a better job of showing some depth to objects in the field, at least to me.
2) We’re still set in space! Because I’m basically obsessed with space and science-fiction, and so a lot of my stuff will probably reside there. It’s just so easy to work with for me. :)
3) There will be little in the way of excessive leveling or extensive item database or huge levels. This is primarily to keep my scale down and doable for #1GAM.
4) There will also be limited enemies to, again, keep the scale limited.

Primarily, this is another game used for educational purposes. This one has different educational goals though: learn RPG creation basics from a technical perspective, and create a first-iteration on things like an inventory system, storing a list of items, and altering player stats when items are equipped. These are a central-focus to this next #1GAM, however, I’m still completely captivated by the concept of procedural generation. I don’t know if I will be able to implement it in this game for building levels, but if the time allows for it, I will go for it. I really like the idea of building this game out, as it will be a foundation for numerous games to come! For that, I am really excited. I just hope I can finish it in time for #1GAM! If not, I will probably build it into a much larger project and simply run with it.

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